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What we do...

Seatts is a consulting firm that specialises in business and technology alignment. Seatts also specialises various industries, including financial services consulting (such as for banking and insurance); the media and entertainment industry; as well as the manufacturing and retail industries. Our focus on digital excellence enables our clients to enhance not only their staff experiences, but those of their customers, too.

Our architects combine business knowledge and technology expertise to develop practical solutions that align business and technology strategies with the appropriate architecture. We select our architects based on their extensive experience in various fields, including business, information, application and technology architectures. As such, we are able to assist our clients with anything from business strategy alignment through to Transformation Planning for Business and various technology projects.
We partner with specific organisations covering disciplines across the spectrum of Process and Project Management and, where required, can implement our transformation and change planning solutions for our clients.



We work with clients to shape the strategic enterprise architectures of their organisations. We transform business through enterprise architecture definition and portfolio planning.


our speciality

—Seatts specialises in Financial Services consulting, including Banking and Insurance, Retail  as well as Media and Entertainment.  Our focus on digital is exploited by our clients in order to enhance staff & customer experiences.



why choose seatts

We have extensive and in-depth experience transforming organisations through enterprise architecture. We have more than 100 years’ worth of experience in our senior team alone.


Our standing in the Industry

SEATTS has established itself as a leading Enterprise Architecture consultancy in Southern Africa and works with leading banks and media organisations. 

Our highly qualified members have industry experience including roles as Chief Information Officer, Chief Architect, Consulting Partner, Chief Technology Officer and IT Director. Our associates have 20+ years experience or key niche expertise, tertiary degrees at various levels and several solution implementations in their areas of expertise. We have 30+ architects working across various assignments

We envisage that “EA-AS-A-SERVICE” and “GO_TO_CLOUD” services will become internationally significant offerings. Although our current focus includes South Africa and neighbouring African countries we are planning to expand gradually into the middle east, Europe and beyond.

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